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HONG KONG kaleidoscope is part of the Very Hong Kong Festival. It is a non-commercial mobilephone-photography exhibition showing photos taken by members of HK InstaYay. This is a great way of showing the many facets of Hong Kong old and new, from the eyes of a very diverse group: we come from various countries, various parts of Hong Kong, various races, various backgrounds and occupations. What unites us is our love for photo taking, instagramming and exploring Hong Kong, our city.

There are so much to appreciate about Hong Kong that even people who live here in Hong Kong often missed to notice. We hope this exhibition could help to make people pay more attention to their surrounding; to notice and to appreciate the - often hidden - beauty and the rich cultural-historical values there.

We hope this exhibition could help in cultivating and increasing our appreciation of Hong Kong and its people.

HONG KONG kaleidoscope was shown at Dominion Garden, Queen's Road East, Wan Chai (it is a small square between Dominion Centre and Three Pacific Space. You could get there through the tunnel connecting Pacific Place in Admiralty (MTR Exit F) and Three Pacific Place). The exhibition ran until 6pm of Sat, 14 December 2013.

Featuring photographs by:

Amber Kuo : @amberkuooo
Andrew Yung : @yungandrew
Angus Law : @angushoyin
Boo : @xenaboo
Candy Lai : @flosslai
Candy Pang : @panglap
Carrie Chow : @carrieB
Cantan Ng : @catanga0
Julian Chan : @Julialien717
Cla : @blurryclaire
Clara Forest : @stephenleopold
ChrysteleGademer : @xiaopixies
Darren Hayward : @indigoblue
Eloa Defly : @eloadefly
Huie Peh : @huieee
Jade Kwan : @oneheartmind
Jared Fries : @JaredbFries
Jerry Lee : @jerrymug
Jeremy Cheung : @rambler15

Jethro Mullen : @jethromullen
J. Wolff : @jo_w_jo
Karl Tang : @karl066
Ken Li : @ken520li
Lie Fhung : @fhung
Lau Kin Yin : @thisiskiti
Maggie Lai : @ponytail23
Matt O'Neill : @mattoneillhk
Olivier Billiard : @oliinhk
Patrick Ng : @patrickng
Pete Lang : @furkidsinhk
Queenie Chan : @qni_chan
RenaudBompuis :@CuriousLight
Riley Edwards : @rig_
Toyah : @yeggi_
Vanessa Ho : @mrs_spring_roll
Varun Thota : @vnthota
Wendy Tang : @wwtang
Yuki Cheung : @yukis_world

Lie Fhung, Candy Pang, Jerry Mug, Riley Edwards, Pete Lang, Cla.

Special thanks to O-Live Decor who printed our photographs on canvas and stretched them neatly in gallery-wrap style. All the prints come out beautifully, with accurate colour reproduction - ready to display. We highly recommend their service if you need to print your photos on canvas!